Our Background

The environmental degradation caused by human activities has increased during this last century beyond what the Earth system can sustain. Climate change, ocean eutrophication, and biodiversity loss are some examples of the factors that have exceeded natural boundaries. In 2015, Mehedi Hasan, the managing director of Nature Craft Bangladesh Limited,  observed all these problems. So, he decided to do something for the earth. He started to do some thesis and work by natural fiber and biodegradable raw-materials. After one year he arranged a training for some women in Kalaroa in Khulna division and he got some results from there then he decided to stablish a company. In 2016 he stablished a company named Nature Craft Bangladesh with ten workers. The company started to do all local work and it increased gradually. In 2017, the company became the owner of five working centers with 300 craftsman and a well setup factory. Therefore, “Nature Craft Bangladesh Ltd.” has been formed based on the demand of jute fiber and other natural sustainable products worldwide.


Since the beginning, we have adopted the IPP policy (Innovative Production policy); a successful model for our operations. All stages of manufacturing happen simultaneously, creating a far more efficient and more flexible way of operating than the one currently used by the industry. Our work values reflect the highest standards of quality, integrity and excellence. In addition to our Production resources, a well-equipped team of controllers guarantee continuous quality control during the production process.

Our Product Line

“Nature Craft Bangladesh Ltd.” is producing and exporting almost all kinds of natural, eco-friendly, sustainable Basketware, Rug and Deco products like…..

  • Jute Machine-made Basketware, Bag and Rug
  • Jute Handmade Basketware, Bag and Rug
  • Cotton Machine-made Basketware, Bag and Rug
  • Cotton Handmade Basketware, Bag and Rug
  • Seagrass Machine-made Basketware
  • Seagrass Handmade Basketware
  • Date Leaf Handmade Basketware
  • Palm Leaf Handmade Basketware and Deco Items
  • Cane (rattan) Basketware and Deco Items
  • Wood Deco Items
  • Clay Products (Pottery)
  • Horticultural Accessories